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Hello, Babies 3 families,

Welcome to Friday in Babies 3. This morning we had a little play outside before Miss Mel arrived, we then all headed over to our room for our morning tea. Miss Mel had the sensory blocks set up on the table, we all rushed over to investigate. We are all loving the new sensory story book “The Dinosaurs Incredible Spots” Especially the front cover, we all sat taking turns and feeling the different texture and moving his spots all around.

We washed our hands and sat down for morning tea, this morning we had yogurt, jelly, and fresh fruit. We split into two small groups. Avery and August headed outside to explore the yard. Augie loved bouncing up and down on the horse and Avery soon joined in. Inside Miss Mel had set up a painting activity. Using all different shapes and blue paint Delilah, Liz and Halle sat down with Mel and began dipping the assorted shapes into the paint, using their hand/eye coordination they then placed them down onto their paper. Mel spoke about all the different shapes we could see and colours. When Miss Asked what colour the paint was her friends looked up at her. Mel said “blue” Liz repeated Mel “blue”.

Funky Feet arrived, it was time for a dance lesson with Miss Jen. This will be a regular lesson every Friday morning for our babies to enjoy.

W all headed over to Babies 2. Once the music began to play, we were all excited and curious. Miss Jen sung and danced around the room and we all joined in. Delilah loved the dance lesson and was copying the teachers moves, as was Avery and Halle. August wasn’t too sure at first and preferred to explore the room however towards the end Augie was right into it, pulling out all the moves, go Augie!!!! Liz watched for a while however she was happier playing in home corner and moving to the music from there.

We headed back outside again and our friends from Babies 1 and 2 joined us. We opened up the sandpit and filled the sensory tray with water for some water play fun!! We were very excited to splash around and stomp in the water, kicking it with our feet and giggling. Miss Mel took Augie and Avery inside for their painting experience, They both loved dipping the shapes into the paint. Augie kept repeating “more, more”.

It was time for lunch, we headed inside, cleaned up and put some relaxing music on, we were all very tired from a fun morning of dancing, singing, painting, splashing, and exploring!!

After rest time we will enjoy a group time with Miss Mel to read “The Dinosaurs Incredible Spots” and some bubble play outside. Miss Mel will bring out the music so we can enjoy more dancing, our favourite song to dance to at the moment is “Baby Shark”.

Thank you for another fun filled day babies, wish you and all our beautiful families an amazing weekend.

See you all very soon,

Miss Melinda and Miss Claudia xxxx