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Good Afternoon Babies 3!

We have had such a lovely Friday in the babies 3 room today! We spent most of our morning outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Lincoln and Orion were interested in the cars and trucks outside, while Ivy was happiest when laying in the sunshine like yesterday. Lara was enjoying herself in the castle tent. Lincoln, Orion and Ivy joined Lara in the castle tent. They were poking their heads out of the tent and laughing.

We noticed yesterday the children loved when we brought the paint out and decided we should do some more painting today outside. The children did a beautiful painting in our floor book. This book is located on one of the shelves in our classroom for the parents and children to look at and reflect on what they have done. Feel free to have a look at anytime.

Babies 3 enjoyed a play with Babies 1 out in our yard also. Orion shared some beautiful cuddles with Miss Amanda and Miller.

Inside Orion enjoyed playing in home corner with the food, pots and pans. Lara enjoyed the Xylophone and the noise it makes when tapping it with the wooden stick. Ivy found a stack of buckets on the shelf, she pulled them apart and stacked them back together! Lincoln likes to grab his bag, ask us to put it on his back walks to the door and waves goodbye!

We had a wonderful week!

Have a great weekend Babies 3, we will see you all next week!

Miss Jelena and Miss T’arn xx