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Hello families, welcome to Friday in Babies 3.

Our morning began over in the babies’ one yard. Liz, Halle, Olivia, and Landen were the first of our little friends to arrive. They enjoyed exploring, climbing the A frames, and interacting with the babies.

It was time to head over to our yard. There was lots of excitement as we ran through the gate. Liz climbed straight into the sandpit, reaching, and letting the sand run through her fingers. Olivia did some bouncing on the donkeys. Landen was very busy exploring the whole yard, it loves collecting toys in his travels. Luna arrived and joined her friend Liz on the seesaw “wee” said Liz, it was lots of fun. Valencia arrived and cuddles before heading outside and playing with the soft block towers, it was fun to knock them down “oh no” Valencia said before picking them back up again. we all enjoyed book corner too, looking through the different books with our educators.

It was time to head inside to clean up for morning tea. Today we enjoyed Apple owl rice cakes. After we were finished we enjoyed time exploring the toys, Liz sat with the shape sorter demonstrating her hand/eye coordination. Halle was feeding the baby some milk, Luna was engaged with the blocks and Landen was making music with the musical instruments.

We ventured back outside where we joined our friends from Babies 2. We engaged in a joint sensory experience using blue jelly and paper boats, Halle, Olivia, Liz, Luna loved squishing the Jelly through their fingers and swishing it all around. Landen was happy exploring, he sat with the doll’s cupboard, opening, and closing the doors.

We were all having so much fun outside when our newest little friend Adeleine joined us for a transition morning, we loved having you explore with us Adeleine and look forward to building a strong connection with you.

Today is International Day of Families. To celebrate using Yellow and Blue paint we sat one on one with Miss Mel as she painted our hands. Mel asked Halle what colour we were using? Hale said “Blue” Close Halle it was Yellow, Halle is so cute calling every colour blue, we work on this every day with Halle, trying to name all the colours. Luna, Olivia, Valencia, Halle, and Liz loved their hands being painted and were very proud of their handprints. Landen wasn’t too sure however with some encouragement from Mel he did it. Miss Mel and Miss Vanessa did their handprints too! Our handprints will represent our Babies 3 family.

What a fun morning we have had. It was time to clean up our selves and the room. Miss Vanessa played our clean up song and all our friends helped to pack away our toys, get our beds out and wash our hands for lunch. Mel played some soft music as we all settled on our beds for a nice long nap.

Thank you for a fun filled day.

Wishing all our families a wonderful weekend.

Miss Melinda and Miss Vanessa xxxx