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Good afternoon family and friends and happy!

Today in Babies 3 we were joined by our friends Lara, Bella, Ivy and Ariana. We started our morning playing inside as it was a bit windy outside. We then all sat down at the table and ate our morning tea which was a yummy fruit bread and pieces of fruit with a raspberry puree. Ivy tried the puree and to her surprise pulled a funny face when she got a slightly sour face. She then laughed and pointed to it.

Later on, Miss Jade took the children outside to do a healthy eating gluing activity. The children loved to rub the blue glue stick onto the paper and then stick each image onto the right side of the activity sheet. The children enjoyed a mixture of planned learning and self-guided learning as they chose which image they wanted to glue onto the paper. Miss Jade would then say the image and they would then try and repeat the sound. Ari was especially good at this! They quickly began to recognise each image better, picking up the ones being spoken about.

We then did a little bit of bubble and slide play outside before the rain began. It was initially Lara’s idea to get the bubbles down as she could see them on the top shelf sticking out. She called to Miss Jade saying “bubbies” and pointing to the shelf. Lara and Bella loved chasing the bubbles as they would move very fast from the wind blowing. Ivy and Ariana really enjoyed the mini slide, taking turns climbing up the steps and sliding down.

We then came inside as it started to spit outside and we played with some puzzles and read two books before lunch and rest time. Ariana and Ivy enjoyed the Mr McGee book but were very intrigued and slightly confused at the duck taking the umbrella for his nest. Ariana said “naughty ducky” when she saw the picture of him flying off with the umbrella and man holding onto the end.

After our rest and lunch we enjoyed some indoor play with some dancing and music because the weather outside was a bit cold and dribbly.

Love Miss Jelena and Miss Jade xx