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We had a very wonderful play in the sand pit this morning. Lara, Emmett, Ivy and Lincoln used some sand shapes to make a sand castle, children were very concentrated while they played. Lara and Lincoln spend more time playing in the sand pit then Ivy and Emmett, they were pushing toys around. Lara was exploring see-saw rocking her self comfortable and confident. Ivy experienced touch and fell circles with Miss Olivia. Miss Olivia take all children inside and read the books for them, books that children choses on their own interests.

This is our second week of settling in our new wonderful babies 3 room and everyone is doing so well. I would like to ask all families to bring families photos that your child can see your face every time when they thinking of their families. The photos will be displayed on the family tree that we want to add to our wall. Thank you!

Love Miss Olivia and Miss Jelena