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Happy Friday Dear families!

It was so nice to see Ivy this morning, all friends missed her and now they are all happy to see her back. Ivy was very settled exploring around checking what has been changed. She must miss her friends and toys. Bella from Babies One room spent morning with us. Bella was very exited to play with her new friends. Abel, Lara and Ivy welcomed Bella and played nicely in a playroom and outdoors. Bella and Abel played in the kitchen corner pretending that they are making tea for others handling the tea cups to Lara and Ivy, after they finished Bella pretended to wash the cups and to wash her hands. Able walked to Lara where she was playing with stacking circles then Lara give Abel some of them and they finished stacking together. Ivy, Abel, Lara and Bella played with doctors set checking the babies temperature and hear beats, Ivy give one injection to her baby must be very sick baby or immunisation injection that she decide to give to the baby.

Miss Kylie and Miss Emma organised a big surprise for all of us today, we were really surprised when we saw that all toddlers and babies, with dancing teacher are coming to our room walking through and went outdoors for a Zumba dance. The children, The Educators all enjoyed to dance and showed happiness with laud music that even the neighbors could hear us. Even people walking on the streets watched us having their smile on to see how we are all happy and positive. Bella, Lara, Abel and Ivy same as all other children showed us their happy dancing, clapping with their little hands to support their Educators to keep positive and happy. After they finished all children went to their rooms happy, laughing and giggling still in a dance mood, but also ready for a delicious lunch that we can smell when we walked in rooms.

Tomorrow is a ANZAC Day please do not forget to light a candle at 5:55 am and walk down your driveway to pay tribute for our heroes, our following soldiers. This year for the first time we will celebrate ANZAC Day in a different way that we use to celebrate.

25th April is one of Australia’s most important national occasions. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the first world war. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand army corps. The soldiers in those forces quickly become known as Anzacs and the pride they took in that name endures to this day. It is a simple way to pay respect to those who fought for us to keep our country safe.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and see you next week! Stay Safe!