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Welcome to babies three room!

We enjoyed to spent time playing outdoors to get some vitamin D while is sunny. Millie, Lara and Ivy welcomed their new friend Nicora who visited our room this morning. After showing their friend all the toys and activities Nicora waved bye till next time, all girls waved goodbye.

We enjoyed delicious morning tea where we had loads of fresh fruit, coconut yogurt and crackers.

Playdough was next on our list to enjoy where we: advance our fine motor skills, toning our manipulative skills, using our imagination, putting ideas into shape, developed artistic skills…..

Millie, Lara and Ivy used rollers to make playdough flat and then they used various shapes to cut of the playdough. We make duck, butterfly, love heart and flower.

Just before lunch time girls used farm animals puzzles to play with, they were very focused and interested to find each of them and put in the right shape to hear the sound of each farm animal, then they repeat the sound, girls really enjoyed to play together and share toys and activities today.

In the afternoon we will enjoy to play outdoors with next door friends in the sand pit.

Love Miss Jelena