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Happy Friday families, Welcome to our day in Babies 3,

Our morning began in Babies 2 where we welcomed Adeleine, Isla, Daris, Bella, Valencia, Jhye and Matthew with lots of cuddles and smiles as they settled in for the morning.

We headed over to our room and were very excited to see the cars and racetrack set up on the table. Daris, Jhye and Adeleine raced straight over and began playing. It was lots of fun pushing the cars around the table, Daris repeated after Mel saying “Vroom, Vroom” Mel pulled the race track off the table an on to the floor so our friends could take turns rolling the cars down the racetrack, Bella soon joined it.  Jhye had a turn at pushing all the cars on the table, but his favourite was Thomas, he also spent time looking through the car and tractor sensory book as did Adeleine, feeling the different textures of each page. We did so well demonstrating our sharing skills as we used our imaginations and fine motor.

Adeleine and her new friend Jhye then spent some time over in home corner, Adeleine was busy mixing using a bowl and spoon and Jhye was placing items in and out of the fridge. Adeleine then wandered over to one of the baby dolls, holding a bottle Adeleine began feeding the dolly. Late Valencia spent some time cooking up a storm, she placed the silver bowl under the tap and pretended she was filling it up with water.

Jhye spotted one of the dinosaurs inside the fridge when he opened the door, he held it up high to show Mel and Roared!! Mel set up all the dinosaurs, the dinosaur book and puzzle to both Jhye and Daris to explore.

For group time today we enjoyed some dancing with Miss Otavia. We sung and did the actions to “Heads, Shoulders, knees and toes”, “If your happy and you know it” and let’s not forget our favourite “Baby Shark”. Bella, Matthew, Valencia, Adeleine and Daris were excited and showed so much joy and fun as they did all the actions with their educators.

Our sensory spinning toy was very popular this morning with Jhye, Isla, Bella, Daris, Valencia and Mathew all taking turns, using their hand/eye coordination and fine motor to place each on top and watch it spin all the way to the bottom.

Our morning continued with toys of interest inside, as it was a wet rainy morning we explored inside until morning tea arrived. Mel played our Clean up song and we all did our very best at helping pack away all our toys, wash our hands and sit down at the table for our morning tea, which was a delicious Creamy Pear Porridge.

Today to extend on Jhye and Daris’s interest of ball play Miss Mel brought the blue sensory tub inside and filled it with all the colourful balls!!! Wow did our friends have fun!! Excitedly racing over and instantly engaging in play. There was throwing, kicking, tossing, and swirling their hands around and around the tub watching as the balls flew around the room. It turned into a game once the tub was empty to pick them all up and do it all again. We all shared excitement, joy, and laughter together! We will definitely be doing this fun activity again!!

Jhye has had a great day however he was a little unsettled and teary every now and then when he realised he missed his mummy. Miss Otavia spontaneously took Jhye outside as the rain had stopped. Jhye loved exploring his outdoor environment, it is his happy place. His friends Daris, Valencia, Bella, Adeleine and Matthew joined them after a short time to have a run around and exert some energy while Isla stayed inside with Mel as it was a little too wet for her to be crawling around.

Miss Otavia brought the large black ball over to our yard and our friends enjoyed pushing and chasing the ball from one end of the yard to the other. We also took turns on the sea saw and the slide and Jhye ventured through the tunnels smiling at Miss Otavia.

Before we knew it was time to clean up our room with our “clean up” song and washed our hands, ready to sit down to enjoy our yummy lunch with Roast Vegie Avocado and Pesto Grills

Our afternoon play was child led with some indoor play. Depending on the weather we may head outside to explore and stretch our legs.

After we finished our lunch some of us enjoyed our bottles as we drifted off to sleep on our mattress to some soft relaxing music.

We extended on our babies’ interest in the dinosaurs yesterday by doing a dinosaur footprint art experience today…We will keep the dinosaurs in the room to extend on Daris’s interest. Next week we will add all our dinosaurs to the sandpit for a sensory dinosaur experience.

We would love a family photo for our family tree. As most of our babies are new to Babies 3 – this helps our babies with a sense of belonging. 

Apologies there are no photos, today we will have the photos on the outside of our room for our parents to view.

See you all again very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Otavia. xxxx