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Good afternoon,

Today in Babies Room 3 Ivy, Lara and Abel shared great experiences together.

Outdoors today Ivy was learning how to climb on the obstacle course, at first she was a bit unsure then Miss Dominique held Ivy and guided her through where to put her feet and she took off so quickly, one foot after the other, sometimes children just need to be shown how to do things as they are learning so much, very quickly, Ivy then went on to do it again and again, each time her confidence building up.

Lara was watching Ivy from the sandpit, happily digging and learning to use her hands in the sand with the bucket and shovel, sometimes the little cups are much easier, she is very determined, so she really likes to try all of the different options. After Lara saw Ivy climbing she came over and wanted to give it a go as well, then the two girls had so much fun running along the mats together, chasing the teachers and eachother.

Abel really enjoyed learning about autumn and the different leaf textures and colours as he felt them with Miss Jena, he is really expressing himself within play, he grabbed the car off the shelf and sat down with it and started saying, “Vvvrrrrooommm” over and over, later on in the day Ivy did the exact same thing, sitting playing with the toys and associating the sounds as they play, they are definitely learning from one another and it’s such a pleasure to see all three children explore, grow and play so nicely together today.

We hope you had a beautiful day today as well,
Thank you, Miss Jena and Miss Dominique