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Happy Friday families, welcome to in Babies 3!!

Our morning began in Babies 2 where we welcomed Jhye, Isla, Daris, Matthew and Bella.

Jhye gave his educators big cuddles and smiles this morning, only a few tears as he left mummy, he settled so well. Jhye spotted one of his favourite toys, the spinning toy. He sat down and began using his hand/eye coordination by placing each disc on top and watching it spin all the way to the bottom. Bella and Isla also had a turn. Jyhe then found the bead maze, he carefully threaded the beads from one side to the other.

We headed over to our room where Mel had a special surprise for our friends. It was a car garage. Our babies have shown a lot of interest in transport over the last few weeks. With a lot of excitement Daris ran over and began place the cars on the ramp watching as they twirled around and around. Daris yelled “yay!” as the cars reached the bottom. Matthew, Bella and Valencia also had a turn using their imaginations as they drove the cars around the garage. Isla and Daris did some cooking in home corner, Daris sat with the dolls and began feeding them some morning tea. Jhye was role playing with the baby dolls, picking the dolly out of the cot, and giving her a big cuddle, he then held his finger up to his lip, looking at Mel “Shhh”. Jhye is also loving the dolls house, moving the furniture around. Before we go ahead we all packed away the toys and enjoyed a delicious morning tea with Chickpea and sweet potato muffins.

Jhye and Isla sat together again, this time with the ring stacker, practicing their sharing skills Mel encouraged them as they took turns, Mel then found a second ring stacker so they could have one each. Later Valencia and Daris sat together practicing their concentration as they placed each ring on top of the ring stacker.

It was a wet rainy day and our friends kept looking outside, watching the rain. Miss Mel spoke about the rain and played “Rain, rain go away” as we all watched the rain falling outside. Bella then asked Mel for Bunnies. Matthew, Daris, Valencia and Bella showed their friends Isla and Jhye the actions. We also danced to our favourite “Baby Shark” before it was time to head outside as Miss Emma had a big surprise for Naidoc Week.

We headed outside with our friends from Babies one and two. Toddlers also joined us. Excitedly waiting in anticipation. Festival Of Joy were here with three incredibly special cars. Each car had an Australian animal on the back. We spotted the Cockatoo, Kookaburra and Koala driving in our driveway. The excitement picks up and there was lots of cheering. Bella kept repeating “Birdie, Birdie” Jhye was holding both hands on his cheeks saying “Ohhh” Mathew, Daris and Valencia were holding onto the fence jumping up and down pointing. Miss Otavia was holding Isla who was very excited seeing the huge Koala. Our babies loved the experience and sharing it with their educators and their friends from Babies and Toddlers.

Once the cars left, we headed over to Babies one yard where we had a few Naidoc Week activities set up for our babies to explore. We had painting a digeridoo table set up with colourful paint and a large cardboard tube, a rice sensory tray full of coloured rice representing the Australian Aboriginal Flag and a mat full of baby dolls and indigenous musical instruments and puzzles.

Daris, Valencia and Jhye loved painting, not only the digeridoo but the table as well, along with our hands and face, it was very messy but so much fun, Valencia had both hands in the paint pots at one stage, forget the paintbrushes when you have hands to touch and feel the cold sticky wet paint.

Isla, Matthew, and Bella enjoyed the sensory rice tray, scooping the rice up into the scoops and back out again, they also enjoyed tossing it around. Isla also spent time on the mat playing with the instruments and puzzles. It was lots of fun laughing and playing with all our friends from the babies’ rooms.

After we finished our lunch which was Mexican Fajitas, some of us enjoyed our bottles as we drifted off to sleep on our mattress to some soft relaxing music.

Our afternoon play was child led with some indoor play due to wet weather.

We extended on Naidoc week today by joining with babies one and two for a variety of activities. We also extended on the children’s interest in cars by bringing the car garage into the room. We will extend on this further next week by doing a painting experience with the cars.

We would love a family photo for our family tree. As most of our babies are new to Babies 3 – this helps our babies with a sense of belonging.

Thank you for a amazing Friday babies,

See you all again very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Otavia xx