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Good afternoon babies 3 families,

Welcome back for another fun week! This morning we stayed inside keeping nice and warm. We had animal toys, puzzles and books set out continuing with the children’s ongoing interest in animals. We had the coloured window blocks, bouncing donkeys, tunnel, Dear Zoo floor book and doctors set up.

Then we had morning tea. Today we had yummy fruit salad and yoghurt.

After morning tea we went outside for a big run around and play. Millie, Ruby and Indi enjoyed singing row row row your boat while rocking on the rhino sea saws, Abel, Orion and Lincoln had fun racing down the side on the bikes and Rosie loved to build with big Lego blocks. We also all had a turn at looking at toy butterfly’s and spiders through the magnifying glass. This was so much fun! Before lunch we all had a big sensory play in the sandpit playing with the sand through our fingers. We also enjoyed scooping and pouring into buckets to make sand castles and pouring the sand into the dump trucks and pushing them around.

We stayed outside for a picnic lunch today. We had sausage rolls with fresh veggies. Everyone ate lunch so well!

After lunch we went inside for a big rest to recharge our energy for a big afternoon play.

We have had a beautiful day in babies 3 today. Thank you friends!

Love from Miss Jelena and Miss Talia