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Happy Monday Dear Families from Babies Three room!

Abel and Millie were hoping on the donkeys laughing and giggling, Lincoln was watching them and waited for his turn. Millie give Lincoln turn when she finished. Rosie took the baby and walked to the corner where she put the baby for a sleep in the bed. Ruby took the book and seat on the floor turning the pages she pointed on the pictures. As soon as we finished lovely morning tea we went outdoors to play. All children run to see what Mr. Nick is doing, he watered the new plants with hose, of course that water always take children’s attention, when it was finish they walked to the sand pit and start playing with trucks and diggers. Abel, Orion and Millie take turns on the see-saw’s rocking themselves very fast.

The children enjoyed to play with playdough making various shapes, they make stars, dolphins, fishes, flowers and ducks. We talked about colours of playdough, we used two colours red and yellow, we counted how many ducks, flowers and other shapes we make. The children explore creativity and imagination, eye, hand, arm and body coordination, develop concentration and problem solving, fine motor coordination, interacted with others, learning about colours, numbers and animals. We will continue to learn more about numbers this week, using numbers puzzles and numbers stamps.

Love Miss Talia & Miss Jelena xx