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Good afternoon babies 3 families,

What a wonderful start to the week we have had. This morning we introduced 2 new sensory areas, on the door we have a patch where the children can stick on feathers, pipe cleaners and paddle pop sticks which they loved to also play with their hands on the sticky part. We also have sensory traffic lights, with red, yellow and green paint in zip lock bags contacted to the floor the children loved to walk over it, draw shapes with their fingers and squish the paint. We also enjoyed home corner, doctors, musical instruments, transport activities, blocks and puzzles. Miss Jade also did a great group time with all our friends engaged reading books.

For morning tea we had fresh fruit and rice crackers, lunch we had yummy nachos and after rest time we will have afternoon tea and an open indoor/outdoor play.

What a fun day, thankyou friends for a lovely day.

Love from Miss Jelena and Miss Talia

– If you haven’t already don’t forget to pack a little blanket as its colder now
– This Friday!!! is pajama day and we are so excited to have a pj party!!
– We would love some family photos to add to our family tree if we don’t have one yet please bring on in