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Welcome to Babies Three room, Happy Monday everyone!

The children started their morning play at the table where farm animals was set up. Orion, Millie and Ruby played with animals toys, puzzles that makes animals noise and animals book that they go through. They make noise as animals laughing after noise. Ruby open the book pointing on the picture saying “dog, woof, woof”, Orion said “moo, moo” when he took caw, Millie pointed on the puzzles saying ” baa, baa”, they make the puzzles together placing each animal on the right place. Rosie walked to the corner where doctors set was set up with baby on the bed and she took some doctors equipment to check the baby’s health, other friends come to play with Rosie using more doctors equipment’s checking the baby.

Today we welcomed Indi to come back, we missed her so much. Indi was really happy to see her friends and friends were exited to see Indi.

After we had a lovely morning tea we all went outdoor to play on our new grass area pushing trollies, push bikes and lawn mowers, playing with the balls children had so much fun, we heart a lot of giggling and laughing, happiness  to be outdoor and enjoyed fresh air. Some of the children walked to other side of the yard where they enjoyed to play in the sand pit using large trucks and diggers, they take turns on the see-saws. In the corner on the mat children played with large leggo blocks making tower, Indi and Rosie worked together to make very tall tower, it was very nice to see them playing nicely helping each other. When Indi saw baby Parker from Babies One room, she said “baby”, Indi surprised us with her language. After delicious lunch children walked to their beds to have some sleep to be ready for a afternoon play, where we will have more fun.

Love Miss Thalia and Miss Jelena xx