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Good afternoon babies 3 families,

Inside today we did a morning group time reading the hungry caterpillar, reading it slowly and getting the children to repeat the numbers and fruits. We also enjoyed:
– Home corner with the babies, stall and kitchen
– Transport with cars, trucks and trains
– Animal area with sea animals, safari animals, farm animals and dinosaurs
– making music with drums, shakers, xylophone and singing
– building and stacking with blocks
– reading books
– puzzles
– playdoh

Outside today our favorite was the sandpit, sliding into the sandpit, building sandcastles, raking the sandpit and driving the diggers in the sandpit. We also enjoyed:
– racing on the bikes
– mowing the lawn
– wheeling the wheel burrows
– climbing and balancing on the obstacle
– crawling through the tunnel
– singing row row row your boat while we rocked on the sea saws

For morning tea today we had rice crackers with fresh fruit and sultanas, Lunch was yummy nachos with salad and after a much needed rest we will enjoy afternoon tea and a big play before home time.

What a great start to the week! Thank you friends for a lovely day.

Love from Miss Jelena and Miss Talia

– We would still love some more family photos to add to our tree, the children have been loving seeing ‘mummy and daddy’ up on the wall
– If you haven’t already, don’t forget a fitted sheet and blanket as its colder