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Hello babies 3 families,

Welcome back to another week. This morning we had our different areas of interest set up. Rosie and Abel enjoyed playing with the babies and patting them to sleep, Ruby loved to go shopping and cook ‘morning tea’, Indi enjoyed practising puzzles especially the unicorn and Millie had fun looking through the wooden blocks with coloured windows. We also enjoyed our animal area, transport toys, doctors checking temperatures and singing songs.

Then we had morning tea. Today was fruit salad with oat mix and yoghurt.

After morning tea we went outside to the warm sun for a big run around and play on the obstacle. Able saw loves watching the busses go past and then together we all sing ‘The wheels on the bus’. So today we took painted outside to keep a watch for the busses while we painted our very own busses. We love to paint.

After a big morning we went inside, washed our hands and had a big drink of water before sitting at the table for lunch. Today we had yummy sausage rolls and salad.

After lunch it was time for a much needed rest before waking up for some afternoon tea and a big afternoon play.

Thankyou babies 3 for a beautiful day.

Love from Miss Jelena and Miss Talia