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Hello families, welcome to Monday in Babies 3.

Our day started by exploring our own room. Halle, Charlie and Parker were the first to arrive, followed by Liz. The girls explored the room and shared many activities, demonstrating an evolution in the concept of sharing. Halle and Charlie assembled blocks together, and Halle and Liz had fun with the car track. Then Theo, Luna and Valencia arrived and we went to play in the yard. Our friends also played together several times: on the sandpit, on the slide, on the see-saw and pulling carts.

Theo demonstrated a great balance on the obstacle course. Extending on Theo`s interest, mom told us he loves fine motor skills activities and it might help to settle Theo. Miss Mel organized a very interesting threading activity. Using pipe cleaners and beads, this helps to develop our fine motor skills.  Luna, who loves anything involving sensory, was totally indulged in the activity. Liz loved it too. Fine motor is one of her great skills and anything artistic leaves her enchanted. It wasn’t long before Valencia and Parker managed to fit the pipe cleaner into the hole. Charlie also loved the activity, sitting using her concentration and fine motor skills as she placed the pipe cleaner through the bead. Halle also had a turn however she was more interested in exploring the yard. Theo was very interested and sat with Mel for some time engaged in the activity.

Then we were able to enjoy some free time. Halle went from toy to toy having fun and laughing. Charlie showed a doll and said “Vanessa, she made poos”. Then Miss Vanessa took a diaper and called all friends to help change the doll, explaining everything.

Around 10:30 our yoga teacher arrived! Yay! We danced some of our favorite songs at the same time as we stretched. It is very good to focus on our breathing and exercise our body. Halle is always very excited when the yoga teacher arrives. Just like when the food arrives. She always screams “tea!” when the food is coming.

Then after yoga it was time to follow our usual routines for cleaning, lunch and rest.

Thank you for reading us and see you tomorrow.

Miss Vanessa and Miss Melinda xxxx