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Good afternoon babies 3 families,

This morning we enjoyed playing in our room with our B1 and B2 friends. We loved feeling the textures on the blocks, exploring the doll house, cooking in the kitchen, looking after the babies, role playing doctors, building with blocks, reading books and driving the cars and trucks around. We also loved making animal noises in our animal area.

For morning tea we talkative had a yummy bowl of fruit and yoghurt before we went outside and got stuck into our play. We had a climbing course set up which was popular and we had lots of fun in the sandpit making sand castles and baking sand cakes. Mr Lachie was kicking the football with some of the friends and nearly all the children were riding the bikes. It was a great interactive morning full of play and learning. Before we had our rest time we had a picnic lunch outside. Today we had sushi poke bowls. They were delicious and full of healthy veggies, Meat and rice. After our big lunch we came inside for sleep time. When we woke up we did some indoor activities and play before a nice group time of books and songs. For afternoon tea we had cakes and fruit. We then went outside for our afternoon play. Thanks for a great day babies!

Mr Lachie, Miss Tahlia