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Good afternoon babies 3 families,

Welcome back for another week! This morning we had lots of fun with our babies 2 friends in there room playing with new toys before transitioning into our room. In our room this morning we set up our new shop where we are learning to do the grocery shopping and taking it to the kitchen to cook before feeding the babies, This is a fun learning experience for all. We also got to dress up our babies and change their nappies. We had our trains and tracks, cars, trucks and wooden blocks as well. We are also continuing our animal display set ups as our friends still have a growing interest in animals. We are getting so cleaver now at remembering names of the animals.

Then we got ready for morning tea. Today we had yoghurt with fresh fruit and oats.

After morning tea we ventured outside for a big play while the sun was out. Abel, Orion and Lincoln had a race down the side on the bikes and with the lawn mowers. Millie and Ruby steered the bus together while we sung the wheels on the bus song. We also loved digging and driving the trucks in the sandpit with our babies 1 friends.

After a big play outside we went inside and washed our hands and got ready at the table for lunch. While we waited for lunch we sung some songs. We love to sing ‘twinkle twinkle little star’, ‘the wheels on the bus’ and ‘open shut them’. For lunch today we had yummy sausage rolls with veggies.

After lunch we headed to our bed for a rest to refresh for the afternoon.

What a wonderful day we have had today, thankyou friends for so much fun.

Love from Miss Jelena and Miss Talia.