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Hello Families,

We have had a very busy day today. Our morning began in Babies 1. Halle, Peyton and Augie were the first of our little friends to arrive. They explored all the toys around, giggling and sharing joy together. They also loved to pay attention to the babies. It’s interesting to see them interacting with young children. Liz and Avery arrived just in time to head over to Babies 2. Wow so many toys to play with! We love investigating the other rooms. They played in home corner together. Liz using her imagination held a cup of coffee and pretend to drink it. Our friend Delilah arrived, and we welcomed her before heading over to our room for our morning tea.

After morning tea, we had some free play in our room. Today was day of playing along. We had heaps of fun with the blocks, then was dancing time! Miss Hope put two of our favourite dancing songs: baby shark and head, shoulders knees and toes. We all practiced our rhythm and also our knowledge about body parts. Everyone was very excited.

As it wasn’t raining today, so we could go outside! We just love to run around outside. And since we’re playing together, wasn’t different out there. We all loved demonstrating our gross motor skills as we used our leg and arm muscles to pull up, jump off and crawl up and down the ramps, the giant blocks and the bridge.

After we expend lots of energy exploring everything we have outside, was group time. Today we are exploring the colour purple, so Miss Vanessa and Miss Mel prepared a whole trey of purple water, made with cornflour and food colouring, with some purple blocks, letters, and funnels inside. It was very popular. We loved to splash the water, to feel it, to smell it and also to taste it. As usual.  Our friends Avery and Halle couldn’t help to make some mess and give each other long purple showers. They both really laughed a lot. You know how best friends are.

It was time to head back inside to change our clothes and nappies, wash our hands, and sit down at the table together, we had all burnt off a lot of energy and ready for a rest. Mel put on some relaxing music as we ate our yummy sausage rolls and salad. We were cleaned up and laid down on our beds for a nice long nap.

For the afternoon we have some purple clay to instigate our imagination on the creation of everything we want. We can’t wait.

We have had a wonderful Thursday. We hope all our families have too.

See you all very soon.

Miss Vanessa and Miss Melinda. xoxoxoxoxo