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Welcome to babies three room!

Good afternoon Babies 3 room!!

We have had such a great morning with lots of craft activities. We spent some of our morning outside blowing bubbles, pushing the mowers and trolleys and also did some beautiful, colourful drawings. We have displayed these drawings on our wall for you all to see. Ivy was happy laying on the ground outside and looking up at the sky. Even when it started to sprinkle with rain she didn’t want to come out of the rain, she just get smiling at us.

When it started to rain a little outside T’arn brought the children inside to continue with some art activities preparing for Easter and Harmony Day! Jelena had prepared a very cute Easter craft activity for the children to do inside.

The children made cute little bunny’s which are also displayed on our wall if you would like to see what they made today! Ivy, Millie, Lincoln and Lara did so well with putting the glue on to their paper and sticking the crafts on to make bunnies. We finished off our crafts by creating some orange paint using yellow and red. we had a big white canvas laid out on the table for the children to use their hands and go crazy with the paint. This activity is such a great sensory activity for the children to get use to different textures and feelings. When T’arn pulled out the aprons Lincoln got so excited, ran over to her and yelled “ME!” and had a big giggle!

Millie loved her lunch today, she was the first and last one at the table! She is very good at letting us know what she wants. she would say “more” and put to the corn! Lara also enjoyed her corn!

Thank you for such a wonderful day babies 3! We will see you tomorrow!

Miss Jelena and Miss T’arn x