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Hello families, welcome to Thursday in Babies 3,

Today we welcomed Isla, Winston, Parker, Olivia, Daris, Valencia, Matthew, and Bella with lots of cuddles and smiles as we all settled in for the morning.

Winston is loving playing over on the car mat with the car garage and racetrack, every morning he races straight over and begins engaging in play. Olivia headed over to home corner, she picked up the shopping basket ad emptied all the play food into the sink, washing the fruit and pretending to wash her hands. Daris soon join his friend Olivia giving her a hand with the washing. Parker picked up the doctor’s stethoscope and placed in in her4 ears. Mel asked Parker if she wanted to be a doctor when she grows up, Parker replied “yeah”. Matthew was chatting away on the toy phone, holding it up to his ear have a great conversation. Daris and Olivia took turns dressing up as a fire man, off to put out some fires.

It was dancing time!! Mel asked her friends if they would like to dance? Bella replied “bunnies!!” we all laid down like sleeping bunnies. Our favourite part is when the bunnies wake up and we all giggle and hop around the room just like the bunnies in the song. Matthew loves dancing and always joins in. Today Isla was joining in too, Isla has been sitting happily watching most mornings when we dance. Today Isla stood up all by herself not holding onto anything and began bopping up and down on the spot with the biggest smile. Your educators were so excited and cheered you on. We also did the actions to “Wheels on the bus” and “Row, row your boat”. During dancing Oliva gave each of her friends including her educators’ big cuddles, showing lots of affections and care towards her friends.

Isla, Daris, Winston and Olivia sat down on the mat to look through books together, flicking through all the pages and engaging with one another as they pointed to different things they could see. Winston loves our jungle book and always points the monkeys and makes Monkey sounds. He then always goes in search to find our soft toy monkey.

It was time to clean up all our toys. Miss Mel said, its time to pack away. Bella yelled “Clean up, Clean up” as Mel was about to play our clean up song. Our friends are getting used to this routine and with encouragement from their educators they help to pack away, not always but we are working on it. Olivia, Bella and Valencia always enjoy helping and know where all their toys go. We all washed our hands and sat down at the table. Today we enjoyed Creamy Pair Quinoa Porridge.

This morning Daris’s mum told Miss Mel that he was a little sad this morning because he wanted to bring his ball into Kindy. As it is a rainy day today Mel went in search for a ball to bring inside the room. Daris’s little face lit up when he saw Mel walk back inside. He yelled “Ball!” He walked around the rest of the morning with the ball, if he was not kicking it or throwing it, he was holding on to it. He occasionally passed the ball to his friends, not wanting to pass it as he might not get it back. We encouraged Daris to share the ball and he did. They enjoyed passing the ball back and forth to one another.

Miss Otavia sat on the mat with her friends and began reading “The Animal Boogie”. Daris, Parker and Matthew got very excited with the animals. Daris saw the monkey and said “Monkey, uah uah uah”, making the monkey sound. Parker pointed to all animals she could see on the pages and Miss Otavia was helping with their names and sounds and asking what colours her friends could see. When Miss Otavia made the snake sound, they all repeated with “sss” “ssss”. Matthew was more interested in just watching and listening to the story.

We have started to implement group time into our daily routine. As a transition to lunch. Miss Mel sat on the mat with her friends, using their best listening and concentration skills Winston, Parker, Isla, Daris, Matthew, Olivia, Bella, and Valencia eagerly waited curious to see what we were doing. Miss Mel began to sing a few of our favourite nursery rhythms. We sang “Open shut them”, “Twinkle, twinkle” and “Wheels on the bus”. Valencia, Parker, Olivia, Bella, and Winston joined in singing and doing the actions, Daris joined in at times too. Isla and Matthew were happily watching.

After we finished nursery rhymes Mel pulled out a sound book called “first words” Parker, Oliver, Winston and Daris came up real close to Mel. Mel asked her friends what they could see? Can you see the fire truck? Winston, Olivia, Parker, Bella and Daris all pointed to the fire engine. Mel then asked her friends to press the button that makes the fire truck sound giving all her friends a turn at pressing it. We continued through the book matching the pictures to the sounds.

Mel began closing the blinds as it was time to wind down for lunch and a nice long nap. Today’s lunch was roast veggie, avocado and pesto grills  After we finished our lunch some of us enjoyed our bottles as we drifted off to sleep on our mattress to some soft relaxing music

Our afternoon play today will depend on the weather if the rain holds off for a while we will go outside and stretch our legs. If its too cold and rainy we will follow the children’s interests in our inside environment.

We have had a lovely Thursday with our little friends.


See you all very soon. 

Miss Melinda and Miss Otavia xxxxxx