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Good afternoon Dear Families and Friends!

We started our morning playing in the home corner where Abel, Ruby and Millie played with babies and doctor set checking babies temperature. Millie walked around with her baby trying to keep baby calm pretending that baby is crying making sound “shhhh” and patting baby on a back. Ruby get up went to the pretended food store and she bring some donuts to her baby. Abel was sitting trying to give injection to his baby. It was very nice to see them playing together and enjoying play. Miss Jena walked in a room with yummy morning tea and all children run to the table to enjoy the meal.

After delicious morning tea we all went outdoors to play with our friends from Babies One room in their yard and sand pit. The children were very gentle to the babies, patting them and use gentle hands saying “baby”, very sweeet.

The children also enjoyed to play on the slide and running around, but when they spotted fishing set, set up on the table they all want to have a turn to try to catch some of the see creatures concentrating to magnets on the fishing stick. They all enjoyed this play and we are happy that they are enjoying the activity where they need so much concentration and they were very persistent while they played.

After good rest and sleep we will enjoy more activity to play inside due to wet weather.

Love Miss Otavia and Miss Jelena xx