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Happy Thursday Babies 3 families, welcome to our day…

This morning Winston and Olivia were our first little friends to arrive. We headed over to Babies 2 together. Winston picked up the “ABC” book, he came to letter M for Monkey page. Mel said, “look a monkey” and made the sound a monkey makes. Winston repeated Mel “Oo oo, ahh, ahh” Winston then toddled off. Mel turned around a few seconds later and there was Winston holding the toy monkey with the cheekiest look on his face!! You are so clever Winston!! We continued to look through the book together. Olivia joined us over at the table and the three of us looked through the book together

Winston then thought it would be fun to tip out the train set. Both Winston and Olivia attempted to piece the track together, using their concentration and lots of encouragement from Mel

Isla arrived and gave Mel big cuddles before crawling off, Isla began collecting assorted toys and placing them into a basket

Parker and Landen arrived next. Parker was also interested in looking through books this morning. Landen was a busy boy exploring every inch of the room, he also enjoyed some quiet time on the mat looking through stories

Bella arrived and gave Miss Mel a beautiful big cuddle. We then called out to all our friends and headed over to our room. Instantly Bella said “Shark” and Parker joined in. Mel welcomed Valencia and Daris before putting on some music and of course Baby Shark was first on the list. We enjoyed dancing, spinning, and twirling around to the music and doing the actions, sharing laughter and fun together. I think this will become a routine group time first thing in the mornings as our babies just love dancing together and with their educators.

It was soon time to transition to morning tea by cleaning up our room to the “clean up” song, washing our hands and sitting at the table with our friends. Miss Mel sung some of our fav nursery rhymes as we waited patiently for Miss Otavia to serve up todays morning tea. We enjoyed easy egg and homemade beans

Our babies were so engaged in yesterday’s fun transport activity outside in the yard. Today Mel brought in more cars, trucks and tractors, another car mat and tunnels for our babies to extend on their interest yesterday

Miss Otavia set the yard up and it looked amazing. We all rushed out the door and began engaging in play. Bella, Parker, Valencia, Daris and Winston enjoyed rolling the cars through the tunnels and down the ramps. Bella and Valencia extended on the activity by taking some cars and a tunnel over to the slide, Bella climbed the ladder and with Mel’s assistance rolled the cars through the tunnel and down the slide for Valencia to catch, their little faces said it all, smiling and laughing as they did this over and over. Our friend Matthew arrived for the day and joined in exploring our activity.

Isla spent some time investigating the cars and tunnels however she was having more fun practicing her walking skills using the walker, with an immensely proud look on her face as she walked from one side of the yard to the other. You will be walking in no time miss Isla!!

Landen also sat for a short time with his class pushing the cars around however he preferred to play in solitude. If there were too many friends around Landen would leave the activity and explore, returning when he could explore the activity on his own.

Daris initiated a bouncing game on the soft blocks, he sat on one and started bouncing up and down, smiling and occasionally bouncing off the block. It was not long before his friends Olivia, Parker and Winston joined in on the fun. Mel began singing “everybody bouncing just like Daris” there were so many giggles. We look forward to watching as these little friendships continue to grow throughout the year.

The slide, see-saw, balls, book corner and mower were also popular in our outside environment today. We are loving chasing, throwing, and kicking the colourful balls around the yard

After we finished our rainbow roast veggie Buddha bowl and salad some of us enjoyed our bottles as we drifted off to sleep on our mattress to some soft relaxing music.

This afternoon after rest time Daris, Parker, Olivia and Winston and Matthew enjoyed cooking in home corner. Mixing and placing play food in and out of the fridge. Olivia placed assorted fruits into the shopping basket.

Our afternoon play was child led with some indoor / outdoor play while weather permitted, with each friend following their interests.

Thank you for an amazing day babies, we loved exploring, investigating and all the laughs and giggles.

If you haven’t brought in a photo already, we would love a family photo for our family tree. As most of our babies are new to Babies 3 – this helps our babies with a sense of belonging.

Apologies as our photos are not uploading due to technical difficulties, we have printed them out and they will be located on the wall as you walk into our room on the right hand side. Next to the daily program

See you all very soon.

♥♥♥ Miss Melinda and Miss Otavia  ♥♥♥