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Welcome to Babies three room!

This morning we welcomed our new friend Leiana for her first day with her new friends Millie, Alia, Lincoln and Lara.

Lincoln was entertaining girls by making funny faces through the glass board, they had such a great giggle. Alia took baby to play with then she wants her friend Millie to play with her and Alia walked to take one baby and she give the baby to Millie talking to her, it was really nice to see how they making friends and playing together. Millie give her baby to Miss Ana and Miss Ana pretended to rock the baby and put the baby for sleep, then Alia put her finger over her mouth saying shhhhhh, baby is on sleep and we need to be quite.

All children enjoyed to play outdoors for a little while before it is start raining.

Bubbles are always fun, they were so exited to catch as many as they can, children laughed and giggled.

For the afternoon we will do some dancing due to the rain we can’t go outside.

Love Miss Ana and Miss Jelena