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Welcome to Babies Three room!

Millie, Lincoln, Lara, Alia and Ruby learned about butterfly’s, bugs and spiders this morning with Miss Dominique. The children had an opportunity to tach and feel those insects (pretended toys), where they explored closer to their eyes how they look a like in a real world, how many legs does spider have, that lady bug is very pretty same as butterfly is very colourful and beautiful. In the next couple of weeks we will learn more about insects and butterfly’s.

Yes, they all were very exited to see the big jumping castle set up next door and we couldn’t wait to go and have fun. The children jumped around at the jumping castle laughing and giggling. They also had a run around at the big yard chasing each other and enjoyed open space. It was a very sunny morning where children get some of natural vitamin D.

After they finished the children continued to play in the sand pit digging the sand and putting through the wind mill watching how the sand is going through the wind mill.

Before lunch time they all had a rest at green mats outdoor to relax their body’s. Lunch was very delicious as always, they all loved naccos and mince meet with a lot of avocado and veggies. Yummy!

Love Miss Dominique, Miss Shanaya and Miss Jelena xx