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Good afternoon babies 3 families,

This morning we enjoyed a big play inside. Ruby took interest in our dear zoo floor book, Abel and Millie loved crawling through the tunnel and Ivy sat quietly with a book. We also enjoyed Puzzles, bouncing donkeys, kitchen and Doctors.

Then we had morning tea. Today we had a fruit and muesli bar with fresh fruit.

After morning tea we went outside for a big play to burn our energy. We rode the bikes, pushed the cow pushers, wheeled the wheel burrow and mowed the lawns. We also loved singing ‘row row row your boat’ as we ricked back and forth on the rhino sea saws. We dug in the sandpit and climbed on the obstacles. We had so much fun exploring the yard today. Then we did an aboriginal flag collage artwork for reconciliation week. We loved gluing the page and sticking on different shaped paper.

We then went inside to do some drawing with crayons on our floor book before washing our hands for lunch time. Today for lunch we had yummy bolognaise and veggies.

After lunch we had a big rest to recharge for our afternoon play.

What a wonderful day today in babies 3, thankyou friends!

Love from Miss Jelena and Miss Talia