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Hello families, welcome to Tuesday in Babies 3,

This morning we welcomed Winston, Parker, Isla, Valencia, Jhye, Bella and Matthew with lots of cuddles as we settled into our room.

Winston, Parker, Bella, and Valencia headed straight over to the car mat, playing with the car garage and the race car track, using their hand/eye coordination and concentration carefully placing the cars on the track so they rolled down the ramps. A little later in them morning Isla sat playing with the racetrack, if the car didn’t sit right on the track Isla would say “Ot Ohhh”.

Isla, Bella, and Winston also spent a lot of time over in home corner, washing the fruit and vegetables and using a spoon and bowl, pretending to stir their food. Parker and Valencia were engaged in imaginary play over in the dolls corner, talking on the telephone and helping the sick dolly by placing the blood pressure band around dolly’s arm and opening the doctor’s kit. They gave dolly lots of cuddles and tucked her into bed.

Winston soon joined in and began feeding dolly, she must have been hungry Winston held up the blood pressure band instigating he wanted it on his arm so Doctor Mel placed it on his arm and we pretending to take his blood pressure.

Mel asked her friends what music they would like. Bella yelled “bunnies”, Parker also said “bunnies, bunnies”. Winston and Valencia joined their friends and we all fell fast asleep like bunnies. Their were lots of giggles as we all woke up and hopped like bunnies around the room, sharing laughter and joy together.

While her friends were dancing Isla crawled over to the table. Mel had set up some fine motor activities. Isla loves the spinning toy and is very good demonstrating her hand/eye coordination as she placed each disc on top and watching with the biggest smile on her face as each disc spun around and around till it reached the bottom. Isla did this over and over. After dancing Bella, Valencia, Parker and Winston joined their friend and they all played beautifully together, sharing the toys and taking turns. Bella enjoyed placing the rings onto the ring stacker and building towers with the stackable blocks. Parker and Winston also had a turn of the spinning toy, Parker kept taking the rode out of the middle as she found it easier/faster to place the discs on top. After all these plays we head to the table to enjoy the yummy morning tea with Apple chia and date pancakes.

For our activity today, Mel had a sensory activity planned to use colourful feathers, pink and blue paint onto foil. Extending on our babies’ interest in using foil to paint with on 22/06/21. Mel decided we would continue their interest by using an assortment of sensory items so they could explore the feel and touch while they experimented with paint.

We split the class in two. While some of our friends were painting, the rest of us were exploring their outside environment. Winston and Valencia built towers using the soft blocks, knocking them over and rolling around laughing. They also climbed onto a see saw side by side and rocked back and forth as they shared smiles together. Parker and Bella enjoyed climbing up the slide and sliding down “Weee” Bella said. Jhye was busy chasing the ball around the yard and climbing over the wooden arch. Matthew was playing with the dolls and hula hoops and Valencia was pushing the tractors around the yard and placed a soft block by the steering wheel, using it as a seat, off she went driving…..beep, beep. Isla loves climbing the wooden bridge, Up she goes all by herself, she needs a little help climbing back down again, with lots of encouragement from her educators.

Taking inside two friends at a time Miss Otavia had set up the activity. Winston and Parker were first. Winston dipped his feather into the paint and began pressing is against the foil, he kept asking for “more paint” Parker enjoyed touching and feeling the texture of the feather. Using the feather to paint Parker glided the feather up and down the foil. It was Isla and Valencia’s turn. Isla wasn’t too sure at first, not wanting to touch the feather. With encouragement from Miss Otavia Isla ended up taking the feather and began using it to paint, giving her educator a big smile. She ended up enjoying the experience. Valencia always enjoys painting and today was no different. She picked up the feather and used it like it was a paint brought, spreading the paint all over the foil. It was Bella and Matthews turn. Bella loved painting with the feather, using the movement up and down. Bella kept choosing to use the pink paint. Matthew was very excited he loved investigating the feather, he would be painting with it and every now and then stop and have a touch and feel.  Jhye was next. He began using his hand to paint with. Miss Otavia kept showing Jhye the feather. He finally took hold of it, curious to see what it felt like and began using long strokes up and down all over the foil.

We will continue experimenting with different methods of painting for our babies to explore, feel and touch different textures as they experiment with paint.

Finally was time to have our lunch and bottles as we drifted off to sleep on our mattress to some soft relaxing music. Today the lunch was Spaghetti Bolognese.

Our afternoon play was child led outdoor play, we headed inside as it became cooler. Mel brought the bubbles into Babies 2 for our babies to pop, chase and catch.

We would love a family photo for our family tree. As most of our babies are new to Babies 3 – this helps our babies with a sense of belonging. 

Thank you for a wonderful Tuesday babies,

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Otavia xxxxx