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Good afternoon Dear Families and Friends!

This morning  we had a free play in a playroom, children choose own play and activity while we waited for morning tea. As soon as we finished our delicious morning tea we went outdoors for a play. We played soccer in the big yard, Ariana, Nikora, Ivy and Bella were so exited running around and kick the soccer ball, while our other friends climbed on the obstacle courses. The children take turns on the slide, tunnel and pushing trollies.

Miss Jena took one bucket of water and add to the sand and we make couple sand castles, the children enjoyed to knock them down and we keep making them. As soon as they knock down the castle they asked Miss Jena to make more sand castles. We really enjoyed sand play.

The children smashed their lunches and now having a good rest and sleep to get more energy for our afternoon play.

Love Miss Talia and Miss Jelena xx