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Good Afternoon babies 3!

GROUP TIME: Today in our group time we read “we’re going on a bear hunt” and sung lots of songs. The children sat so nicely and were very intrigued by the story and singing. They love “twinkle twinkle little star” the most. One of our other group time activities was a colour recognition game using coloured buckets and cups. The game was to put the colour cup into the matching coloured bucket. Miss T’arn also told the children each colour of the buckets and cups as the children picked them up. Although the children are still young and may not fully understand how to match the colours, by showing them and them seeing all the different colours and hearing the name of the colour, this then helps them to learn and recognise colours and what the colour is called. Millie enjoyed stacking the buckets together and wearing them as a hat. Orion enjoyed putting the cups into the buckets and Alia put the buckets to her face and looked through.

OUTSIDE : Outside the children enjoyed pushing the trolleys, riding bikes and blowing bubbles.

Love Miss Jelena and Miss T’arn xx