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Good afternoon from the Babies Room 3, both Miss Jena & Miss Dominique hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did with your beautiful children.

Today Alia, Abel, Orion, Ivy, Millie and Poppy had an adventurous day filled with lots of play.

They all loved singing together, as we have started to learn our nursery rhymes through transition times, especially for meal times as we learn to stay seated altogether as a group.

We especially enjoyed making animal noises alongside our new animal puzzle toys, we spent time exploring how to match the animal with the sound on the puzzle.

Outside time was great for our gross motor skills, the lawn mowers are an absolute favourite.

Abel enjoyed putting the lawn mower on the side and doing his best to fix the wheel, Ivy had such a big giggle as she took time to look in the mirror, learning her different expressions, Poppy really loved having her glasses on today, settling in so magically and starting to build friendships easily, she can recall each of her friends names, Alia had a great time playing with the new farm animals making noises, Millie learnt how to ride the bike today outside, she had such a big smile, Orion really enjoyed learning how to hold the crayons today.

We look forward to seeing you soon