Good afternoon babies 3 families,

This morning we joined with our Babies 1 and 2 friends in Babies 1 room for morning play. Millie, Ruby and Rosie loved kicking the balls and reading books. Orion enjoyed chalk on the chalk board.

Then we went over to our room for morning tea. Ariana and Ivy joined us sitting at the table for morning tea. Today we had fresh fruit and waffles.

After morning tea everyone went and stood at the back door wanting to play outside so we got our hats on and ventured outside. Rosie went to push the lawn mowers, Ruby rode the bike and Orion pushed the trolley. Ivy, Ariana and Millie went straight to the sandpit. We also had a big run around in the open yard and climbed, crawled and balanced on the obstacles. All friends are really enjoying learning how to problem solve on the obstacles.

It was then time to head inside for lunch, so we washed our hands, had a big drink and sat at the table for rice and vegetables.

After lunch we had a well deserved rest.

This afternoon we will have afternoon tea and open up for a choice of indoor outdoor play.

What a beautiful day in babies 3 today, thankyou friends.

Love from Miss Jelena and Miss Talia