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Good afternoon babies 3 families,

This morning we had a big outdoor play while there was no rain. We played in the sandpit building sandcastles, climbed the obstacle and climbing frames, kicked and chased the balls, pushed the lawn mowers and wheel burrows and rode the bikes. We also loved singing songs with our educators. We then came inside for morning tea, today we had pancakes with fresh fruit. After morning tea we had a free choice play inside, we role played with doctors and in home corner cooking and looking after the babies, some friends threaded the fruit onto the shoe lace, others played with animals and the rest of us sat independently reading books. As a group we discussed what countries our B3 families represent, we then practiced saying hello and goodbye in the different languages. We had so much fun learning new words. Then we gathered at the table for lunch, today we had pasta with salad before going off to sleep. When we wake up we will enjoy afternoon tea and a big play before home time.

Thankyou friends for a fun filled day.
Love from Miss Jena and Miss Talia