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Hello babies family we hope you had a great day! We started our day out in the yard with all our favorite toys including animals and blocks. We also set up a little shop area where the children were making yummy food for their friends. We then got started with a lovely morning tea. Today it was fruit and cinnamon scrolls. The children loved it! We then got stuck into our activity time. Jackson and Orion have an interest in cars at the moment so we decided to do some painting using the cars. Miss Tahlia put some paint on the wheels and the children each took turns driving it across some paper to make some really cool tracks. All the children really enjoyed this activity. We then decided to adventure out into the big open yard. We set up an obstacle course and did lots of running around. There was even two horses that come down for the children to look at. After our busy morning we sat down and had a couple of songs before having lunch. Today we had fish and roasted veggies. We then all came inside for our rest time. After rest time we got up and did some quiet activities and stories. For afternoon tea we had fruit and cake before going outside to enjoy our afternoon. Great day babies!

Miss Talia Mr Lachie