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Good Afternoon Babies 3!!

Our beautiful day begin with having one older boy Dominic in our room from toddlers room, children accepted him so nicely that they shared toys and take turns on activities with Dominic. Dominic was very interested in ocean creatures and ocean book where he found whale pictures then he said “whale” while he held one whale in his hand.

Outside this morning Poppy and Millie enjoyed playing on the seesaws, Poppy would say to Millie “Ready, Set, GO!” and they would go so fast and so high on the seesaw and giggle at each other. The last couple of days we have noticed a very beautiful friendship between the 2 girls! So nice to see! Alia and Orion were racing each other up and down the concrete pushing the cow trolleys! Miss T’arn would count down for them and they would both race to the end! Lots of fun spent outdoors and lots of social development! All children went to the other side of playground to play with their little friends from Babies 1 room. It is lovely to see how gentle they are towards babies and how their building theirs friendships. Alia, Millie, Orion and Poppy played in the sand pit withal those big trucks and diggers, load them with sand.

For our craft time today we make Easter Bunny Hats, all children enjoyed to decorate their hats with some help when they needed. The hats looks so cute specially when children wear them on. Children will take their beautiful hats home to show to their families. We continued to play at the table doing some scribbling with the crayons, everyone choose one colour and scribbled on the paper.

We had a very nice day!

Love Miss T’arn and Miss Jelena xx