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Good afternoon babies 3 families,

Today we enjoyed a choice of indoor or outdoor free play. Inside Orion played with our animal display on the table which had a farm book, animal puzzles and toy animals. Millie and Ruby enjoyed bouncing on the donkeys. Ivy, Bella and Ariana loved making music with the musical instruments. Bella roll played in the kitchen and Rosie loved sitting quietly with a book talking about what she could see.

Outside Alia, Bella, Millie, Ruby and Orion went straight to the lawn mowers and wheel burrow, they laughed together while pushing them around. Rosie, Ruby and Ariana enjoyed sandpit play using the shovels to scoop the sand and pour it into the buckets. we also enjoyed the dinosaur sea saws, babies, rolling on the mats, playing with cars, trains and trucks.

For a group activity today Miss Jena brought in some shaving foam and sprayed it on the table. This is a great sensory activity. Using their hands the children tapped the table, smooshed it around and using their finger created different lines. They were very cleaver noticing that the cream was disappearing and asking for more. We had so much fun with this today.

What a fun day we have all had in babies 3 today!

Love from Miss Jelena and Miss Talia