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Good afternoon from babies three room!

Millie, Orion, Indi and Nikora enjoyed to do some craft for Easter this morning. We had an idea to make Easter Bunny, they used glue sticks and coloured eyes to make Easter Bunny face. All children loved to use glue sticks on the paper.

All children and Miss Jelena welcomed our new Teacher Miss T’arn. Miss T’arn will be with us this week.

Nikora and Millie feed themselves at morning tea time and they were doing so good. Well done!

We all went outdoors to enjoy the sunny day, all children had a free play to choose their favourite activity and Miss Jena took the book and all girls seat next to Miss Jena to listen the story. We were reading the very hungry caterpillar, while we read this beautiful story we counted all pieces of fruit that very hungry caterpillar eat. Poppy spot an yellow butterfly, that butterfly was not colourful like the one from our story.

In the afternoon we will try to do more craft.

Love Miss T’arn and Miss Jelena!