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Good afternoon babies 3 families,

Today we enjoyed lots of outdoor play in the warm sun. The children enjoyed the sandpit, bikes, lawn mowers, obstacle, kicking the ball, singing and dancing and popping bubbles. We are also learning a new song to make wearing hats fun. ‘No hat, no play, no fun today, uh oh (name) where is your hat?’ They love it and as soon as we say their name they quickly run to get their hats.

Inside we enjoyed home corner role playing, animal area, transport, blocks and reading books. For group time we extended on our hat song and had a discussion about the hot sun while we put on some sun screen.

For morning tea today we had fruit toast with jam and honey with fresh fruit, lunch was yummy meat balls and roast veggies with salad and after our rest we will have afternoon tea and enjoy an afternoon play.

Thank you friends for a beautiful day.
Love from Miss Jade and Miss Talia