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Good afternoon from Babies three room!

What a wonderful morning we had! We started our beautiful day playing outside with other friends, sharing toys and activities, and get some vitamin D from morning sun. Millie, Orion and Poppy were having competition in pushing the trollies, they were running so fast that they couldn’t stop till they hit the wall with pushing trollies.

For ANZAC Day children decorated Poppy flower by using small red pieces paper and stick on the Poppy flower. Orion had so much fun with Miss Jess when they were doing the craft, while Millie and Poppy were very concentrated to decorate their Poppy flowers.

This morning at 10:30 am the whole center had an emergency evacuation drill, where all children and Educators worked together to be safe in case of anything happens in the future. The children listened and followed the procedure, after staying outdoors at the car park for some time, we were allowed to walk back in our playroom and continue to play.

Miss Jess take the children outside and they all enjoyed to draw with the crayons on the large paper.

Hope you all had a nice busy day like us!

Love Miss Jess and Miss Jelena xx