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Good afternoon Dear Families and Friends!

This morning we started our play with Miss Talia singing “row, row your boat” song by holding friends hands and Miss Talia’s hands going back and forward, girls found that play very interesting and fun, they laughed and giggled. For morning tea we had lovely pear and jam with custard and banana, that was very yummy.

After they all finished morning tea, everyone took their hats ready to go outdoors for a play. Slide is very popular for the last couple of days and they all love to take turns. Nikora and Indi pretended to be a police chasing friends on the police bike and police car, they make noise as a police siren while they pushed bike and car around. Then we all walked to the sand pit to play with diggers and trucks by loading them with the sand and empty on the other side. While we played in the sand pit Miss Talia prepared art activity for our little friends, we went back in our room and seat at the table where we all enjoyed to make winter beanie using blue paint and cotton balls to decorate each of their beanies. All children create very beautify art, well done!

After good sleep and rest we will enjoy play with our friends from other room to play outdoor.

Love Miss Talia and Miss Jelena xx