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Hello from Babies Three room!

We were all exited and happy to see our friend Abel back this morning. Abel was a bit shy but as soon as we said “let’s see your friends Millie and Orion” he run to his room, giggling and laughing Abel was so happy to see his friends too. Abel call Millie by her name, Millie come to say “Hi” and she was very exited, they straight away jumped on the donkeys and hop. Poppy and Orion took turn on the donkeys, Millie walked to the corner with babies and pretend to put the babies in the bed using small cloth as a blanket to cover the babies patting them for a sleep. Abel walked around to play with various toys at the same time looks like he missed his room, toys and friends.

Outdoor play were so much fun, the children were laughing and giggling while they played with the ball, they throw to each other when they miss to catch the ball they laughed. Soon it was a morning tea time, where all children enjoyed delicious fruit and porridge.

Soon is a Mother’s Day and we decided to decorate beautiful photo frame for our mums. Millie, Abel, Orion and Poppy used couple different painting colours to paint the photo frame. Little working hard hands did a great job, all mums will love it.

Afternoon we will spend outdoors with our friends from other room where we will have even more fun in the sand pit.

Love Miss Jelena xx