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Hello families, welcome to Wednesday in Babies 3,

Today we welcomed Winston, Isla, Bella, Olivia, Matthew, Valencia and Adeleine with lots of cuddles as they settled into their learning environment.

We began our morning outside in the beautiful sunshine where our babies explored the yard. Winston spotted his big sister Ivy through the fence and went running over for a cuddle. Bella spent some time digging over in the sandpit. Adeleine was busy scooting around on the bike, she then spent time on the see saw and climbing across the soft blocks. Bella and Winston also had turns on the see saw. Isla was busy practicing her walking skills doing laps on then yard. This soon turned into a game with her friends Bella and Adeline. They were giggling as they ran up and down the yard. Mel counted to three and off they ran, sharing lots of fun together. Our friends Olivia, Valencia and Matthew arrived in time for morning tea.

Wow our friends looked so adorable dressed up as book characters. Isla was dressed as a penguin from the story “That’s not my penguin” dressed in black and white, wearing a little black bow tie, Isla. Olivia was dressed as a superhero!! Olivia showed Mel her special cape as she flew around the room. Adeleine looked adorable dressed in a beautiful pink tutu. Miss Mel was dressed as “Where’s Wally” and Miss Otavia was “The queen of hearts”.

Time for morning tea. Today was shepherd’s pie bites with cauliflower mash  After morning tea, we explored child led experiences in our room. Home corner was very popular. Matthew, Isla, Valencia, and Olivia were busy role playing in the kitchen by doing some cooking. Bella was feeding the dolly in the highchair, Adeleine spent time over with the doll house, moving the toy furniture to different rooms of the house. Winston was looking through the jungle book while Adeleine was engaged with the dinosaur sensory book, feeling all the different textures on each page.

While our friends explored, we played a few favourite nursery rhymes, every now and then our friends would bust out a move or sing along and do the actions to the songs. Matthew’s favourite song is “If your happy and you know it” his little face lights up as he dances along and does all the actions.

Since implementing Group time into our daily program, we have seen such an improvement in our babies listening and concentration. Today Mel said” It’s story time friends” Olivia, Winston and Valencia came straight over and sat on the mat. Their friends Isla, Matthew, Bella and Adeleine soon followed.

We are extending on the Story Isla brought in yesterday called “Dear Zoo” we read this story yesterday and all our babies were so engaged so today we have planned an activity however first we thought to refresh our .

friends’ memories we would read it again today during group time. Just like yesterday it was a hit. They loved pointing, naming, guessing, and finding the animals that were hiding in the story. Olivia named the lion, elephant and monkey and Bella guess snake before it was revealed. Valencia named all the animals she could see. Adeline, Isla, and Mathew enjoyed touching and revealing the animal hiding. We all took turns revealing the animals on each page.

After we finished reading the story, we all hopped up and sat at the table. Miss Mel explained they we were going to write our own letter to the zoo requesting a pet of choice. We all had paper and crayons. Bella said she wanted a tiger!! Olivia said “Elephant|” and Valencia was asking for a “Monkey”. Once our friends finished their letters Miss Otavia address them to “Dear Zoo” and we all ventured outside with our friends from Babies’ 2 holding our letters. Once Outside we all sat down.

Miss Mel sung “Bee, bee bumble bee” once our friends said or attempted to say there name the stood up and posted their letter. Once all our letters were posted Mel said, “Let’s see what pets the zoo has sent us” Opening the post office box door we were all surprised to see the Zoo sent us a monkey!!!! But just like the story we sent the monkey back because he was too naughty. Next the zoo sent us an Elephant!! But we had to send him back too because he was too fierce….and an elephant but he was just way too big……We all cheered at the end what the zoo sent us the puppy!! Yay he was just perfect. After the activity was finished, we all played with the animals and the post office box, reposting the letters.

It was time to read the book Isla brought in today called “That’s not my Penguin” Isla and all her friends from Babies 3 and Babies 2 Sat with Miss Mel and used their best listening skills as Mel began reading. This was a sensory book, and we all took turns feeling the different textures of the penguins. Our favourite page was right at the end of the story When the mummy penguin found the fluffy baby penguin. We loved feeling the soft fluffy feathers.

Miss Otavia sat outside with Matthew, Isla, Olivia, Valencia, Bella, Adeleine and Winston and sang “Bee bee bumble bee. Bella, Olivia, and Valencia all said their names!! Our babies are getting so clever . Winston, Matthew, Isla and Adeleine all point to themselves, it won’t be long!! We all met Mel in the bathroom to assist us in washing our hands before sitting at the table for a big drink and our yummy lunch. Today we enjoyed coconut strawberry delight.

After we finished our lunch some of us enjoyed our bottles on the pillows before laying on our mattress, drifting off to sleep to some soft relaxing music.

Our afternoon play was child led with outdoor experiences.

Thank you for a wonderful Wednesday babies.

See you all very soon,

Love From

Where’s Wally and Queen of Hearts xoxox