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Hello families, welcome to Wednesday in Babies 3.

Our morning began exploring Babies 2 room. Charlie, Parker, and Olivia were our first little friends to arrive. Parker said good morning to all the little babies. Charlie and Oliva investigated a few new toys before it was time to head to our room. Once inside Charlie was very excited to see a dolls bed in our room, rushing over she picked up her favourite dolly and put her to bed. Charlie then put herself in the bed and said “night night Mel’s Shhh” holding her finger up to her lip. Ok Charlie Good night. Parker loved the doll house she then thought she would drive the fire engine up and over the doll house roof. Olivia sat with a variety of fine motor activities we have had in our room this week, using her concentration and hand/eye co ordination Olivia threaded the colourful beads using the pipe cleaners.

Lizzy arrived and gave Miss Mel a big cuddle looking very sleepy. It did not take long for Liz to begin exploring the musical instruments home corner until she spotted a new shape and colour recognition toy we have in our room. Liz sat for some time pushing on the shapes, Mel named all the shapes and colours. Liz repeated “circle”. Landen was our next little friend to arrive. He loves looking through books, especially our dinosaur sensory book, touching the sequins and moving them with his hands. Landen also spent time in home corner where he loves opening and closing the fridge door.

Valencia arrived and sat with Miss Vanessa. Valencia also loved the new shapes toy in our room. It was time to clean up to our “clean up” song. We all needed a little encouragement this morning to help pack away all our toys. We washed our hands and sat down for some fresh fruit and yogurt.

After we were all cleaned up, we headed outside for a fun fine motor sensory experience. Using rice, oats, bark, scoops, sieve cups, beads, pipe cleaners, pom, poms, and tongs we all sat around the sensory tray with our educators. Wow! Lizzy said. Liz, Olivia, Parker, Valencia and Charlie were all very excited to explore the tray. Demonstrating their fine motor skills, they explored by scooping, tossing, and squeezing, using their hand muscles to pick up the pom poms with the tongs and their hand/eye co ordination to thread the beads. Charlie, using her imagination as she placed pom poms into the tongs replied “ice cream!” when Miss Shae asked if it was an ice block. Charlie then pretended to eat her yummy ice cream.

After the activity we stayed outside for a short time to explore before our lunch was ready. The seesaw, prams, mower, and baby dolls were very popular. Landen preferred exploring the yard then investigating the sensory tub today. He sat for a short time on Miss Vanessa’s lap and off he went to find his mower.

Heading inside to clean up we washed our hands while Mel played some relaxing music to help us settle. As we were eating Mel lowered the blinds and made our beds. We cleaned up and laid down for a nice long nap to recharge our batteries for this afternoon.

We have had a wonderful Wednesday!!

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Vanessa. xxx