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Babies 3; Wednesday 29th of April 2020

Today Abel, Millie, Ruby and Orion had such a fun day, there is an extended amount of conversation that is happening between the children, with so many more words coming through each day with their vocabulary.

A lot of the children are starting to say each other’s names very clearly, Abel loves to say Millie’s name and he was very excited when he first saw her this morning.

Today the children learnt a few different yoga moves, Millie especially enjoyed the happy baby pose and all of the children learnt downward dog very easily, we had the mats out for them to move their bodies.
This is great for the children’s hand and eye co-ordination and also learning to follow instructions.

Orion had such a great explorative time in the sandpit today, him and Millie found it so funny to fill the toys up with sand. They giggled as they played together.

Ruby is settling in so easily into the Babies 3 room, reading books and exploring the new toys and riding the bikes outside are her favourite activities so far.

Within the Early Years Learning Framework Outcome 3 it states that children have a strong sense of wellbeing; activities include showing empathy for others, understanding emotions, coordination, ways to be healthy and safe, interacting with others, manipulating objects, control and strength.

This learning experience can be linked to Smilanski’s theories. Smilanski believes that children develop and thrive in social settings, and that the interactions between a child and their peers contribute to the child’s development of creativity and intellectual growth. Thank you, Miss Dominique