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Good afternoon from all of us at Babies 3,

Today the children Indi, Millie, Orion, Poppy and Isaiah have had a wonderful day, it is the second time Isaiah has joined us and today he especially enjoyed the lawn mower outside and saying hello to the babies next to us through the fence.

Indi is gaining momentum on her balance as she learns to move forwards and backwards on the seahorse, she always has the biggest smile when she plays on this toy, Millie will sometimes come and join her.

Millie took a liking to drawing with the chalk on the concrete and Poppy and Miss Dominique were drawing with the chalk outside, as Miss Dom wrote the names of each child on the concrete Poppy was recalling everyone’s names. The other children are starting to join in with recognising of peers and teachers.

There was lots and lots of cuddles today we spent time rolling around on the mats together giggling and playing. Indi initiated cuddling her friends, one at a time, it was very sweet.

We enjoyed drawing with coloured pencils and learning to use our fine motor skills.

We hope you had a lovely day today too

Thank you, Miss Jena and Miss Dominique and all the beautiful children

Please note Monday 9th of March there is a Parent/Educator evening please write your name on the list on the wall in the room or have a chat with Miss Jena to let her know you would like to come along.