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Good morning families,

Today we had a very small class, Our morning began outside, we put our sunscreen on and our hats and off we went to explore the yard. The bridge was very popular, using their leg muscles while climbing up and over while sharing lots of smiles with their educators. Charlie also loved the slide, climbing up the stairs and sliding back down again. Peyton needed a little bit of encouragement…..Weeee!!! it was lots of fun.

Miss Dominique brought out the bubbles. Our little friends are loving bubbles at the moment, We are finding them particularly settling in the mornings as our babies are arriving. This morning Peyton and Charlie even had a turn blowing bubbles themselves with miss Dominique encouragement. . Bubbles are also great for hand/eye coordination and visual tracking skills.

We headed inside and Avery headed straight over to home corner where she began climbing into the sink and noticed her reflection in the mirror. Avery began pointing to herself and became so excited, pointing to herself and giggling. Mirror Play builds on their own sense of identity.

Charlie headed over to some of our musical instruments. Pointing to the drum Charlie looked at Miss Mel and said “drum, bang, bang!!” she then sat on the floor and started to make her own music. Charlie has been loving our dolls in the room too and today she picked a dolly up began feeding her a bottle before patting her to sleep on the floor.

Peyton was busy exploring the room holding onto our sensory blocks, she loved the feel of the different textures touching her hands.

We have had a beautiful Wednesday with our babies, we hope all our families have enjoyed their day too.

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Dominique. xxxx