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Hello families, welcome to Wednesday in Babies 3,

Our morning began in Babies 2. Miss Otavia welcomed Winston, Parker, Olivia, Daris, Parker engaged in play over in home corner placing play food in and out of the microwave. Olivia and Daris built towers with the colourful blocks and Winston was sitting quietly looking through books

Miss Mel arrived and greeted all her friends with cuddles and smiles. We then ventured over to our room to play with toys of interest. Our friends Valencia, Bella Isla and Matthew arrived. Valencia arrived eating a yummy cracker and sat down to finish it off. Olivia, Bella, Daris sat together in book corner looking through stories of choice. Isla was using her concentration and hand/eye coordination building a tower with the stackable blocks.

There was lots of role playing on display again  this morning. Isla loves home corner, she crawled over and pulled herself up. She then picked up a bowl and placed it under the tap, pretending it was filling up with water. Bella, Parker, Winston and Daris were fascinated by the new retro telephone Miss Mel brought into the room this morning. Our friends have shown interest in role playing with our mobile phone. Parker was walking around the room chatting away and passing the handset to her friends so they could join in the conversation. Feeding our baby dolls was also a favourite activity of choice today. Olivia and Winston held the baby spoon up to their dollies mouths to feed them.

Bella was pointing to the spinning toy up on the shelf. Mel pulled it down, Olivia, and Valencia joined Bella on the mat placing each colourful disc on top and watching as it spun around and around till it reached the bottom. We are all still learning to take turns and share our toys. Mel was so proud this morning as the girls did not need a lot of encouragement. Well done babies.

Continuing with celebrating Naidoc Week today Miss Mel set up a variety of indigenous musical instruments to explore. Daris, Winston, Isla, Bella, Olivia, Matthew, Parker, and Valencia were very excited to investigate all the instruments. Miss Otavia demonstrated how to use them, the drums, clubs, sticks, hollow logs, seed rattles were very popular, we also included some colourful bells are friends loved the sound of them ringing.\

While our friends were engaged in the musical instruments Miss Otavia played the traditional ” Taba Naba ” song, this is a children’s song originating in the Torres Strait Islands just north of the continent of Australia. This song is usually accompanied by a “sit-down dance” where the “dancers” perform traditional movements corresponding to the lyrics. The song is a traditional song in Meriam Mir, a language of the Torres Strait Islanders. All our friends enjoyed the music, banging and tapping away on their musical instrument.

We spent a lot of time exploring our outside environment today. Olivia and Valencia took turns on the slide together and played on the seesaw side by side, sharing giggles together. Winston and Parker also loved the slid this morning. Isla was demonstrating how strong she is getting by pulling up and climbing across the bridge, she was very proud of herself too, sharing big smiles with her educators. Isla surprised Miss Mel when she climbed up the slide all by herself and slid down the slide headfirst, so daring Isla!!! Later Isla practiced her walking skills with both the walker and the fire engine.

Winston also climbed the bridge and was engaged in play over on the car mat, showing Mel all the different cars, he began pushing them around the yard. He was also loving the tractors and diggers. All our friends had a turn demonstrating our drawing skills over on the chalkboard. Daris also loved zooming down the slide and kicking the red ball around the yard. Matthew was busy scooting around on the bike, beep, beep Mel said as he zoomed past. Winston and Daris also had a turnover by the steering wheel where Daris using his imagination pulled a soft block over to us as a seat. Book corner was also popular. Valencia and Olivia sat for some time looking through assorted stories. Olivia was very cuddly today and gave all her friends and educators big cuddles while playing outside.

Miss Mel brought out the ball pit, we have been loving throwing, kicking, tossing, and just mixing the balls round and round. Once all the balls are out and the pit is empty a new game begins to fill it back up again.

It was time to head inside for our yummy lunch, today we enjoyed Thai veggie balls and sesame chicken noodle salad. After we finished our lunch some of us enjoyed our bottles as we drifted off to sleep on our mattress to some soft relaxing music

Later this afternoon we will head back outside to explore for a short time, once it gets a little chilly we will head inside Babies 2 to play with toys of interest.

We have had a wonderful Wednesday, hoping all our families have too.

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Otavia. xxx