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Good afternoon babies 3 families,

This morning we started the day singing and dancing to Christmas carols, we had so much fun making music with the drums, shakers and xylophone while we sung and danced all together. We then did a group time where we sat in book corner and read Happy Christmas Spot. After reading we gathered at the table for morning tea, today we had blueberry quinoa breakfast bar with fresh fruit. After morning tea we had free choice play where we explored in role play activities in home corner with the babies, doctors and kitchen. We also loved the cars, building with blocks, making animal noises and re-building the train track on the train table. We then did a group sensory activity with shaving foam, we had lots of laughs together as we used our hands to smoosh the shaving foam through our fingers. We then ventured to the bathroom to wash our hands, we always love to wash our hands. We then helped each other clean up as we got ready for lunch. The children are loving getting their own chairs for meal times. For lunch today we had ‘Build your own’ Beef and Veggie burgers with salad bar. After lunch when the children were ready they walked to their beds for rest time. After rest time we will have healthy apple owl rice cakes with fresh fruit for afternoon tea and a big afternoon play before home time.

Thankyou friends for such a fun day today.
Love from Miss Jena and Miss Talia xx