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Good afternoon babies 3 families,

Today we took advantage of the beautiful warm day with lots of shade to spend most the day outside, the children love being outdoors running around and playing with their friends.

Today we extended our obstacle to make it more interesting, we climbed, crawled, jumped, balanced and had lots of laughs when we wobbled. We also loved our sandpit sensory play squeezing it in our hands and pouring it into a bucket.

Some friends enjoyed riding bikes, pushing the wheel burrows and mowing the lawn, others enjoyed quiet time reading books and role playing looking after the babies.

We also had fun painting the hulk with green paint and singing songs with our educators.

Thankyou friends for a lovely day,
Love from Miss Hope and Miss Talia

– Our bottle registry is at the front with parent communication book and medication book. These have the child’s name on the page and will need to be filled out daily, thankyou
– 2 more days of superhero theme, we have been loving the outfits!