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Hello from Babies Three room!

This morning we played outdoor with our little friends from other rooms, we run around and had so much fun.

When we walked in girls go straight to hop on our Donkey’s hopping and hopping as high as they can. Orion took the book by turning the pages he pointed on some pictures showing us Easter Bunny. Millie and Poppy took some cars to play, pushing them on the table they were making brrrmmm, brrrrrmmmm sounds.

For our group time today we played with doctors set where children were checking on babies health by cheeking babies temperature, cheeking babies heart bits and babies blood pressure. Poppy said that her baby need some medication because baby had a high temperature, while Millie give injection to her baby. Orion checked the temperature on his baby and give baby injection as well then he put his baby to sleep on the bed. Our little munchkins had so much fun pretending to be a little doctors and taking care for their babies. They expression were so impressive which is showing us how children are copying adults.

We had Easter Egg hunt outside, Poppy, Orion and Millie put the eggs on the spoon and carried them around trying not to drop them off, when they drop the egg they put the egg back on spoon. Orion was taking out eggs with the spoon and he really enjoyed to play with this activity.

We enjoyed our day!

Love Miss Jelena xx